Works in Progress

The Unlikely Adventures of the Lady Space Pirate Catherine

The Lady Space Pirate Catherine’s Odd and Fantastic Beginnings (Novella)

Catherine Medina–aspiring dramatic soprano and bored paramedic–investigates a loud crash on her property. Despite hopes for a demolished shed, she discovers a lost soul inside the wreckage of an unfortunate spacecraft. And so begins Cathy’s star-bound saga.

Join Cathy and her new friend–a giant preying mantis–as they discover that once in a while, adventure comes to you.

Love, Lasers, and Canons

Cathy has left her small town to go adventuring. As a space pirate in training, she takes up gambling, falls in love, and decides to pull off the greatest heist in the history of ladykind. Maybe. She’s definitely reading the Interstellar Heisting for Dummies guide. So, you know… we’ll see how that goes.

Join Cathy, Ken (her very own Jiminy Cricket!), and cantankerous Mic on their journey to see a man about a book.